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Our Story

ShipLink Global’s roots trace back to company founder, Glenn Stewart’s early work in 2003 to integrate the SYSPRO ERP with UPS WorldShip and later FedEx Ship Manager. The goal then, as today, was to make these carrier provided programs operate like full-fledged shipping solutions. Beyond simple order capture, the approach required deep integration and access to ERP data that would actually customize the fulfillment and shipping process.

What emerged was the first version of ShipLink, an application that would grow to integrate freight/LTL, DHL,, Purolator and regional parcel company, SpeeDee. The solution also grew to support additional ERPs, and to provide unprecedented post shipment messaging, document generation and reporting capabilities.

After a complete 36-month redevelopment effort that began in 2015, the company’s ShipLink software now powers fulfillment operations at hundreds of distribution centers in the US and Canada.

The solution has attracted the attention of global brands that still benefit from using time-tested carrier programs. These include ShipLink clients, Dornier, Sun Mountain, Viking and Yeti.

Recently, ShipLink has moved to integrate partner-supplied packing functionality and multi-carrier rate shopping utilizing carrier APIs – capabilities that drive performance and ensure the company’s continued growth.