Optimize your fulfillment operations


ShipLink provides the professional services for quick implementation

The purchase of any new ShipLink solution includes Professional Services to ensure a quick and successful implementation.

After initial assessment of solution requirements, this includes software installation, configuration and testing. Professional services may also include the creation of special business rules, integration of external resources, and development of custom documents, reports and messages.

Shipping Operations

Optimization starts with an assessment of fulfillment operations to isolate inefficiencies and identify improvements.

The result is a roadmap that provides a path for ShipLink to cut cost and streamline activities, including:

  • Fulfillment policy and program management
  • Shipment consolidation, packing and processing
  • Carrier and service selection
  • Discount degree and application
  • Document preparation and output
  • ERP write-back and cost allocation
  • Post shipment communication and tracking
  • EDI and external resource interaction

Shipment Processing

With a complete Shipping Operations Assessment, ShipLink professionals can move to implement recommendations throughout the fulfillment landscape, including:

  • Building supplementary data queries and business rules to govern shipment composition, carrier selection, discount application, export declaration and cost allocation
  • Generating custom labels, documents, reports and messages to minimize preparation
  • Creating shipping workstation popup messages to guide consolidation, packing, labeling and processing
  • Recommending data-driven alternative carrier and service options

External Resource

Fulfillment optimization also includes automating interaction with external resources dependent of critical shipment data.  This includes:

  • Ecommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify and Magento that rely on ship notification detail
  • Third-party Freight Insurance providers like U-Pic and Falvey that need shipment content and consignee information
  • CRM Applications like SalesForce, Sugar and HubSpot that keep users informed of order status and shipments
  • EDI Trade Networks and Services like TIE Kinetix and SPS Commerce that need 856 shipping transaction data
  • Invoice Audit Services like Blume, Cass and ControlPay that use manifest data to reconcile carrier invoices

In every case ShipLink can handle these complex integrations without any change to the ERP.

Custom Document & Report Development

More than anything else, manual preparation of critical documents remains the most labor intensive shipping process. To complement the ShipLink Central™, ShipLink professionals can build the rules, templates and content to generate any custom outputs, including:

  • Material Compliance Documents that may be required for military, aeronautics and other high-specification shipments
  • Serial and Lot Number Statements that may be required for chain-of-custody and similar applications
  • Packing Lists, Stocking Instructions and Pro-Forma Invoices that may be required for vendor compliance.

In every case, ShipLink can automate this documentation for significant time savings.

Custom Message

Email Ship Notifications provide an excellent opportunity to for companies to increase customer satisfaction, promote shipment-related merchandise, and build brand awareness.

To complement the ShipLink Central™ communication platform, ShipLink professionals can build the rules, templates and content to generate any custom message, including those with:

  • Company logos, color palettes and other branding components
  • Shipment information, including line item order detail and linked tracking numbers
  • Order-based instructions and links to external resources
  • Contextual promotional content, including similar item discounts, seasonal offerings and location based close-outs

In every case, Email Ship Notifications and similar messages allow companies to say something with every shipment.

Professional Service

Unlike other solution platforms, ShipLink was designed to dramatically reduce the time and effort required to optimize fulfillment operations.

  • ShipLink’s click-and-configuration Administration System eliminates the need for custom programming
  • ShipLink’s Business Rules Library allows companies to quickly implement proven formulas
  • ShipLink Central™ Message and Document Templates provide a resource to quickly customize communications
  • ShipLink Professionals count on decades of experience with multiple industry applications to ensure a successful outcome

To learn more how ShipLink Professional Services can work to optimize your own fulfillment operation, call to schedule a free initial consultation.