Custom Labels & Documents


ShipLink generates
dynamic, data-driven,
print and digital outputs

Critical to any company’s fulfillment strategy are the labels and documents that accompany each shipment. Beyond the vendor compliant shipping label, these may include stocking labels, packing lists and other printed material. Shipment-specific outputs may also include item-level lot, serialization, material compliance documents.

Regardless the requirement, ShipLink was designed to automatically generate any number of custom labels, documents and reports including those in Crystal, Active and SSRS formats. Outputs may be sent to designated printers, databases, and to email recipients as PDF attachments.

The document generation process is handled by ShipLink Central™, a cloud-powered resource that provides the business rules and templates required to define and distribute various outputs.

Quick Customization

ShipLink Central™ allows users to quickly create rule-based labels, documents and reports required to accompany any shipment. This includes:

  • Naming and indexing of new outputs
  • Defining conditions and formulas by which outputs will generated
  • Indicating if the output is to email, print or both designations
  • Entering the report type and path if data is destined for an existing Crystal, Active or SSRS document
  • Selecting the template if data is destined for email distribution
  • Identifying the process (Shipping Transaction, EOD Close, Custom Process) that will trigger the output

With access to 100% of available Order, Customer , Item and other ERP data, users are free to create virtually any output for any particular circumstance.