Parcel Shipping


ShipLink drives carrier programs with custom shipping instructions

ShipLink leverages free, carrier-provided programs to process domestic and international shipments from locations inside the US, Canada and Europe.

Unlike other solutions that suffer carrier compatibility limitations, ShipLink works with UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager, USPS, DHL EasyShip, and Purolator E-Ship to bring enterprise performance and benefits, including:

  • Single-click shipping with automatic population of pre-processed shipment data
  • Access to 100% of available services and options
  • Dramatic reduction in processing errors and conflict resolution
  • Immediate productivity from new staff already familiar with time-tested programs

One Click Shipping

ShipLink includes a simple shipping interface that operates from any network PC – without need for any ERP license. ShipLink also provides functionality to process shipments from inside the ERP. In all cases, shipments take just seconds, including those with consolidated orders and international destinations.

  • Users start by entering or scanning the order number or corresponding release ID Users then have the option to choose the release type, indicate the sales/service/transfer shipment type, enter the number of cartons, and consolidate pre-validated orders.

  • Once done, ShipLink retrieves 100% of available order, customer and relevant inventory data from the ERP. ShipLink may also be configured to retrieve user-defined fields, ERP-resident business rules and any other accessible data that may be required to customize the shipping process.

  • ShipLink then uses ERP data to run business rules, create a corresponding shipment record and automatically populate the designated carrier program, including service options and international goods detail as required.As an option, ShipLink may be configured to automatically retrieve, display and allow for the selection of rating and routing options prior to populating the carrier program.

  • After the carrier program is populated, users simply weigh cartons and click ‘Ship’ to generate labels – all without need to enter any additional data.

  • Upon shipment completion, ShipLink retrieves shipment data from the carrier program then updates the ERP, including linked tracking numbers, freight charges, freight costs and the corresponding order status.ShipLink also then generates any related and rules-based labels, documents, messages and reports.