For decades shippers across the US and Canada have gained from ShipLink’s smart connection to carrier programs like UPS WorldShip, FedEx Ship Manager and DHL Easy Ship.  Through deep integration, sophisticated business rules and process automation, ShipLink has made the carrier programs perform as part of an enterprise shipping application.

With its latest release, ShipLink now brings these capabilities to European shippers with a preference for carrier programs.  Where users once toiled with manual data entry and limited functionality, ShipLink auto-populates the carrier programs for single-click shipping.  This includes automatic order retrieval, rules application, document generation and ship confirmation messaging.

For shipments to and from the UK, ShipLink automates required export documentation and cuts processing time to just seconds.  ShipLink also provides complete control over declarations to minimize duties and fees.

For shippers with operations that spread across the Atlantic, ShipLink provides an easy path to scale and support remote fulfillment. All of this comes complete with centralized control and reporting for multiple locations and workstations.

To learn more about ShipLink and schedule a complete demonstration, call 657.222.0500 or contact  We look forward to helping you optimize shipping from any origin.