With customers like Boeing, General Electric and Ford, Harvey Performance plays an integral role in these companies’ continued ability to manufacture planes, trains and automobiles.  Without Harvey and their collection of 21,000 precision cutting tools, the precision lathes and CNC milling machines would simply grind to a halt.

To keep machines operating, Harvey ships more than 1,000 tools each day to customers around the world, including a network of more than 130 distributors in the US and Canada.  In every case, the company guarantees delivery in two days or less. Until ShipLink, this meant importing limited data from P21 then manually finishing shipments in UPS WorldShip.  With ShipLink, Harvey now saves with every shipment.

“Harvey is hooked on UPS Worldship and ShipLink makes it much more efficient. ShipLink saves us 20 seconds per transaction in shipment processing time, which helped us reduce workstations and reallocate a full time employee.“


  • ShipLink replaced Harvey’s outdated UPS connector with a powerful new platform that seamlessly integrates P21 with UPS Worldship and other popular carrier programs.
  • ShipLink streamlined data entry by pre-processing order information then completely populating the WorldShip interface, including international line items and special charges. Harvey can now ship with a single click for savings of 10-20 seconds on each transaction.
  • Harvey can now consolidate multiple Pick Tickets into a single shipment, then automatically send tracking numbers, update charge data, and generate invoices for each Pick Ticket.
  • To cut carrier cost, ShipLink examines each shipment then automatically specifies ground transportation if  promised delivery dates can still be made to the same address.
  • For ground destinations that require more than two days, ShipLink automatically upgrades the service, then calls upon the UPS API to re-rate the shipment, ensuring that ground rates still get applied to customer invoices.
  • ShipLink fully automates P21 invoicing by automatically confirming each Pick Ticket as shipping transactions complete.

In addition to cutting time and carrier cost, ShipLink also saved Harvey Performance excessive maintenance fees and the time and expense of a lengthy implementation process.

Download the ShipLink Case Study