You’re only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.  It’s an old adage, but especially true for manufacturers operating industrial robots and computer controlled machine tools.  In these environments, the failure of even a small machine part can bring production to a literal standstill.  It’s why hundreds of manufacturers across the Midwest and Rocky Mountain states rely on Productivity Inc. for instant replacements and rapid repair.

To meet this need the company stocks more than a million parts and operates a fleet of service vehicles from five key locations.  It also counts on ShipLink software to ensure parts get delivered on time and with the greatest efficiency.

“With ShipLink, we turned Prophet 21 into a multi-carrier, multi-location, enterprise shipping solution – complete with central control over Productivity’s unique business rules and fulfillment policies.”


For Productivity, ShipLink was the natural choice to replace their aging Clippership system:

  • ShipLink seamlessly integrated Productivity’s Prophet 21 ERP with their existing carrier applications – providing single click shipping with FedEx , UPS, USPS and SpeeDee.
  • ShipLink replaced Productivity’s time-intensive, SWOG process with single-click Pick Ticket consolidation, including address and time-in-transit validation.
  • ShipLink implemented complex fulfillment rules with configuration tools that allow Productivity to maintain their own free freight conditions and freight charge allocations, among other dynamics.
  • ShipLink replaced a manual ship notification process with ShipLink Central, a dynamic messaging platform that automatically generates custom email shipment notifications with links to Productivity’s own order tracking portal.

As ShipLink has numerous dynamic configurations, Productivity users now have the option to work from ShipLink’s simple interface, or from inside Prophet 21 utilizing a DynaChange-powered shipping button.

Beyond saving Productivity from excessive annual maintenance fees, ShipLink  eliminated the need for a costly implementation process, and cut shipment processing time by 30%.

Download the ShipLink Case Study